The Fear of Heights

One of the most common fears in the world is the fear of heights. This fear is so common and widespread not because it is a relatable feeling amongst a lot of people all over the world, but because it is a proper phobia and people who suffer from it have an irrational fear of being in a position where they standing on top of something high up. This fear is called altophobia and is not the same as aerophobia, which is the fear of flying and is more specific than altophobia. For this sort of phobia being on a different height or level can be a triggering factor, things like being on a high floor in a building, climbing up a ladder, or climbing up to any high place. This is one of the most common irrational fears in the world and a lot of people suffer from this fear to the extent of it being an understood and common feeling.

Generally, most people are affected to some extent or the other by such a Massive Phobia because the fear of heights does have roots in a rational fear of falling and hurting yourself. Most people are afraid of height to some degree or another and the thing that sets apart altophobia from a simple uneasiness caused by heights it how heavily the symptoms are felt by an individual. For the people who exhibit extreme responses to heights despite being secure can be said to suffer from altophobia. It is considered a phobia that may have sprang up from an evolutionary need of the past. The mind recognizing that it has to stay away from heights could simply be a survival technique for people that helped them stay alive in the olden times that just carried itself forward to today.