Stressed? Try Reiki Today!

Stress is a common occurrence now-a-days in children, youngsters and adults alike. Be it studies, career building or our jobs, stress is the ever present factor in our everyday lives that we have accepted and treat as normal. However, as we all are very well aware of, stress can contribute to a vide array of illnesses apart from being harmful itself. This is where Reiki therapy comes into play.

Reiki is a physical treatment or therapy which focuses on restoring the lost life energy in the client. It revolves around relaxation and the overall well-being of the individual.

Reiki is much more than just “massage” – it’s a whole therapy. The process of a Reiki session is quite a simple one: it involves two key participants, one is the client and the other is the practitioner or the Reiki therapist. The therapist, after receiving consent to touch from a client, in a soothing environment beings the transfer of energy from themselves and into the client using their hands. A common Reiki session can last from between 15 to 90 minutes.

As hinted above, stress is the main factor Reiki deals with. Through the relaxing atmosphere, the soothing hand movements and the absence of stress, the therapy session contributes towards the overall well-being of the client. Statistics suggest that almost everyone who receives Reiki feel relaxed and stress-free to a great extent.

Reiki therapeutic advances aid to almost all kinds of stress, however their origination may be. Some of the most common illnesses that Reiki deals with are cancer, infertility, depression, anxiety, heart disease, chronic illnesses, autism and many more.

Despite all of the benefits, a client must remember that Reiki is not an alternative to medical treatment, but rather, it plays a role in the relaxation of the client.