Not The Right Time to Fight

Technology is the biggest thing in our current age. Most everything can be or has been automated to some degree and as a result we slowly start to see jobs in those fields decreasing and jobs in computer related topics increasing. Those who used to keep diaries now do so using electronic medium, perhaps recording their voice or writing a memo.

Letters aren’t sent as often emails now since emails can just reach there so much faster and we can receive a response in just a few short minutes provided the recipient knows to expect an email readily. So, the old traditional sale pens begin to lose popularity. Now that everything has been digitized, it’s just a lot easier to keep records of things on your devices. They’re always with you anyways, lugging around a diary doesn’t seem very feasible of a thing to do. But there is still a luxury of owning a great pen like Mont Blanc, they still provide the elegance of class that they always did and owning one could be considered a symbol of importance. Many officials in high-ranking places have been known to put a Mont Blanc pen to a good deal of use. When wielded right, it’s extremely difficult to forge a signature made with these pens.

That said, there are a ton of fakes circulating the market. It’s easy to spot a fake by keeping an eye out for the logo but if you’re purchasing online, it’s next to impossible to scout out fakes from their real counterparts when all you’re really given is a photo. There are hundreds if not thousands of websites dedicated to scamming unsuspecting customers into paying a full price for a legitimate product which then turns out to be completely fake.