Is Optic Fibre Really All That Great?

About a decade ago, we got the Wi-Fi technology and we thought it couldn’t get any better than that. I mean, we had connection speeds of up to 2-4MB and that was just killer back in the time. Most of the broadband providers gave us more volume than we could consume with those speeds and thus increased our dependency on the internet. This basically meant that things had to get even better – and they did.

At first we were using copper-based connectivity but now we have optic fibre available to us as well. Optic fibre slowly made its way all around the world but at this point, there are very few, if any countries left without an optic fibre connection. Even if there are a few, they’ll convert soon. Optic fibre started out as a luxury but it soon became a necessity that we couldn’t do without.

Businesses needed this high-speed connection so they can communicate files and data faster and use cloud storage so that information can be distributed to all those concerned easily. At home, we really didn’t need optic fibre at first but as the world progresses, you have to keep up. Most of the uses we have for extremely high-speed internet at home have to do with our entertainment. You can check out this awesome fiber guide to learn more about good optic fibre connections in your area.

You can download movies that would usually take over an hour in under a minute now. If you’re a gamer then you want a steady and fast connection so that you can play competitive games without suffering from lag. A lot of appliances and systems at home are also connected to the internet so that we can control them through our hand-held smart devices.