Howling Ghosts

Gaming, especially in real time strategy and in shooter games, require accurate and swift mouse positioning. Aiming takes skill and entire competitions are built around this fact that gaming is perhaps one of the most competitive activities out there. E-sports are rising in popularity with complex games making use of various cognitive skills and reaction times to make one stand out among the rest. Our hardware will affect this in itself. If you play a lot of shooter games, you’ll probably also own a gaming mouse. One that can deliver you precision like none other and fits comfortable in your hand.

Mouse acceleration can be detriment to your performance in gaming. The main point behind mouse acceleration is to increase how much your mouse pointer moves in comparison to how much you move your mouse on the mousepad. With this setting enabled, moving your mouse across the desk just a small portion can have it whiz from one end of your monitor to the next. In gaming, this means instead of looking to your right, you’ll end up doing a complete spin before you actually see your opponent and in the amount of time you waste, they’ll have definitely gotten the better of you.

Windows and Mac computers both have this setting. A gaming mouse might have this setting disabled but it’s something you’re going to have to check. Learning how to disable mouse acceleration on windows isn’t too hard. It’s a simple setting available in the settings of every computer and all it takes is a click to turn it off. If you’ve been used to gaming with it on for a while, it may take some getting used to before you’re completely set. But once you settle in, you no longer need to account for the jerkiness of your controls.