Fixing Your Smile

A lot of us happen to be really self-conscious about our smile. This is because we kind of know that our teeth are lacking in some way. There might be an alignment issue, a problem with the color of your teeth, or you might have a chipped or broken tooth that you are not comfortable with displaying. If you happen to be afflicted any one or more of these problems and are looking to get them fixed, you need to opt for the services of a cosmetic dentist because they specialize in dealing with the aesthetic look of the teeth. If you happen to be looking for cosmetic dentists, you can check out Rutherford Dental for their list of services.

Now, there are a number of different procedures that come under cosmetic dentistry, each of which serving a specific function.

  • Tooth restoration for instance, works on helping to cover up and restore teeth that are visibly chipped or broken with the end result being the tooth looking like a normal and healthy tooth.
  • Dental whitening is a service that is used to lighten up the color of your teeth and is used for people who happen to suffer from discoloration in their teeth and want to get rid of that.
  • Dentures are used to help people who happen to have gaps between their teeth and want to reduce that distance.
  • If there is a problem with the size of your tooth, like your teeth being too big or unevenly sized, then you can get their sizes shaved down and reduced as well.
  • Any sort of issue with dental misalignment is taken care with the help of braces, retainers and so on.
  • Dental crowns, dental implants and a lot of other cosmetic dentistry procedures are also included and important for taking care of certain afflictions.