Fixed VS Removable Bollards

A lot of places happen to benefit from bollards. They are now found in college campuses, parking lots, outside stores and workplaces, along sidewalks, and even outside homes as well. Now, when it comes to bollards, there are primarily two major types, fixed and removable bollards and both of them have their own strong points, so we will do a quick rundown below, and once you figure out which one is the right type for you, you can check out Bollards Direct Melbourne, and see if they can arrange them for you.

  • Fixed bollards, like the name suggests, are lodged into the ground, so once you have them installed, they are not moving or going anywhere unless you have them professionally removed. Removable bollards on the other hand, can be moved from place to place. This is advantageous for areas where you do not to move the bollards around like in parking lots and so on. So, you end up saving money and work more efficiently.
  • In terms of material, they can both be made out of carbon and stainless steel. However, fixed bollards can also be made out of concrete and carbon steel as well.
  • When it comes to durability, both of them are durable. However, fixed bollards are more durable and are better able to withstand impacts and accidents. Removable bollards are able to take on impact as well, however, they get damaged more easily when compared to a fixed bollard. This makes fixed bollards a really good option for sidewalks and areas that have high incidences of accidents.
  • In terms of color and design, removable bollards can be painted in different colors and designs whereas fixed bollards do not have that variety.
  • Fixed bollards also happen to be more expensive than removable bollards as well.