Exotic And Beautiful Indian Headdresses

If you’re a fan of the Native American culture or just loved Pocahontas, then there’s no way you haven’t even once wondered what is the Indian feather hat called to yourself and wanted to wear one. As a child, it’s easy to want to have things that we see in movies and cartoons but there’s no shame in wanting to wear a Native American cultural symbol, especially given how beautiful it looks.

These Indian Headdresses have a history and culture behind them and the art of crafting them is still alive, even with these replicas from Bali. These headdresses were crafted with the expert hands of North American Plain Indian tribes and it can take hours of handiwork do just create one of these marvellous headdresses at a time. The Indian headdresses available from The Sounding Iron are designed and made by well-practiced Balinese artisans but don’t let the fact that they’re replicas make you underestimate them. These replica headdresses are crafted from materials from Java, Sumatra and Bali and are handmade.

It can take an artisan a full day to work on all the materials such as the faux leather and the dyed feathers but the result is truly stunning. You can find headdresses in a variety of stunning designs, colours and sizes and each one of them looks absolutely beautiful. Having said all of the above, it’s easy to understand why anyone would want to collect an Indian Headdress; they’re an amazing souvenir to take back home for show. These replica headdresses are made to be worn; this is your chance to wear yours to festivals and the like and hog all the attention to yourself and your marvellous head piece that’s fit for tribal leaders to wear.