Downsides of Purchasing The New Laundry System: Magnetic Laundry System Alternative

The first thing you do after you wake up in the morning and doing your routine cleanup is that you put on fresh, clean clothes and it is the nicest feeling ever. But there are some darker secrets behind laundry detergents that a lot of people are still not aware of. Sure, they smell like fresh flowers and what not but the amount of harmful chemicals present in these soaps is insane and not only are they eating away at your clothes but they also end up affecting your skin in the form of allergies and inflammation or irritation of the skin.

It is important that all of us are aware of the darker side of these detergents, they have terrible and harsh chemicals that may cause cancer in extreme cases. So it is about time that you find alternatives for this tedious task of doing the laundry i.e. you can look for vegan or organic detergents or you could find a completely different way of doing laundry, which is called as magnetic laundry system. Although people have been raving about this, we need to take a real picture into consideration so we will be looking at some of the downsides of having a magnetic laundry system, you can go through them as follows.

Does Not Sterilize The Clothes

Since the laundry system uses water and magnets to get rid of dirt and stains and other forms of gunk from your clothes, you will find that once you are done washing your clothes will be spotless. But then the question arises, does it kill bacteria? A few of the experiments have shown that it does not kill all the bacteria from your clothes but neither does laundry detergent, so the results are somewhat the same apart from the fact that detergents are harmful.