Do You Need to Pay Much Attention to Pots of Bonsai Trees?

If you are planning to keep a bonsai tree then you need to remember that bonsai trees require more care than normal plants so it is a responsibility that will require your time, care and efforts.

If you give a visit, you will find that the whole site is dedicated towards bonsai trees so you can have your pick of topic. In this article, we wish to discuss whether you can choose just about any pot for a bonsai tree or should you pay special attention to it

Material of The Pot

The most common material that people use for pots of bonsai trees is ceramic, porcelain and even metal but we would not advise metal as it releases certain toxins that can actually be dangerous to the health of the trees. Make sure that whatever material you choose should have drainage holes and holes through which the trees the tree can actually be anchored via wires. The height of the pot depends on the width of the trunk so when you are buying a pot, we would suggest that you talk to the seller at length or before your shopping trip, talk to some potters of bonsai trees and ask about the height of your pot.

Design of The Pot

Now this is where it gets a bit tricky because most bonsai potters choose a design according to the sex of the tree. In the world of bonsai trees, angular shapes and rimmed lips with stubby legs are considered to be masculine. For a female tree, you can choose a sleek cut with a soft design and delicate legs. If you have an androgynous tree then circle and oval pots should be your first choice as those are not considered specific to only one sex.