Do Not Only Rely on Your Dog’s Microchip

You might have heard that there a legal requirement in some countries that every pet dog get a microchip which we think is great but people often think that the microchip is enough and that the dog does not need a GPS tracker on it at all times. If you go to, you would find out about the many great GPS tracking devices for dogs and you can read the reviews to make the decision of purchasing the best one. If you still think that a microchip would be enough then allow us to differentiate between a microchip and a GPS tracking device.

A microchip is a little chip that is entered into the body of a dog via an injection between the shoulder blades but do not worry about the pain as there is none. What does the chip do? The chip is encoded with the owner’s information and the purpose is that if a lost dog is found, a vet with a RFID device can read the chip to find out information about the owner so that the dog can be returned back.

While all that is well and good, the problem is that the chip only serves its purpose if the dog gets to the vet but what if the dog is not found? A GPS tracker can track your dog if it is in the signal range and would help you pinpoint the location of your pet so that you can go and get it. It is important to have a tracking device on your dog at all times so that as soon as you find out that he is lost or maybe even stolen, you can track it down and get it back home.