Did You Know That Your Babies Can Be Actors And Models Too?

A lot of people are under this impression that in order to be an actor or a model, you need a certain set of skills. Skills like having a certificate from an acting class of theater or having the knowledge to control your basic emotions is what is usually assumed. If you think that the acting and modelling industry is only for adults, then you are quite mistaken.

There are a lot of places in this industry that I can name where babies are quite necessary. Take advertisements, for example. Whether it is a photoshoot or a video shoot, there will be some roles where a baby is required. Not just for that but even for movies, the directors and castings use regular babies!

How to Get in?

Well, coming from the modeling industry, I can tell you that it is not easy to get in. The first thing you need to know is contacts. You need to establish contacts with such people in the industry by going in for a lot of castings and auditions. This is the biggest key to enter the modeling industry; who do you know and who knows you.

I would say the second most important thing would be comcards.

What are Comcards?

Comcards are basically a profile of your baby that will tell your baby’s unique story. Apart from his or her name and age, you will also require some really good portraits that makes your baby stand uniquely amongst other babies. It can be quite a cool thing to have this for your baby!

How to Make One?

Well, you will need a professional baby photographer to get the right kinds of portraits for this. If you are in Australia, I would recommend to use someone like this: www.kristymannixphotography.com.au.