Developing Our Immunity

Did you know that there was once a time when a simple tooth ache could get bad enough to kill a person? People have also died of fevers and flus in the past, which really makes you wonder how far we’ve come in our scientific research. These days, if you come down with a flu or a fever, you just need a few days off from work so you can rest, take your meds and have some chicken soup at home; to think that these diseases actually killed people once upon a time.

We still have certain diseases that are still fatal for us and we’re still working on a cure for these; who knows, maybe another decade down the line and we might even have a cure for cancer? New and old diseases alike are caused by certain biological bodies called antigens. These antigens can be viruses or bacteria that cause harm in the body. Fortunately for us though, we have an inbuilt immune system that produces antibodies that counter these antigens. Our immune systems can be strengthened thanks to research reagents such as antibodies, when our bodies cannot produce enough of their own.

Because research reagents are proteins, they can’t be manufactured but they can be developed in labs. These can be made by cultivating cell cultures; animal cells are infused with immunity against certain antigens and then once the antibody is ready, it can be administered into a patient with said antigens present in their bodies. Thanks to all the scientists around the world that are working on research reagents, we’re now able to build our immunity against a number of diseases that were previously fatal and we’ll be equipped to tackle many other evolving diseases too.