Dental Problems That Are Associated With Braces

No matter the age in which you get your braces installed, you need to be careful with them and take care of them for the whole duration of your treatment because even though braces are pretty safe appliances, if they are not taken care of then complications can arise which are painful and very tedious. If you have gotten your braces installed then you probably got a whole set of instructions from your dentist about the care but in case you decide not to follow them, we are going to highlight some of the problems that you can face that occur when people do not take care of their braces and develop bad dental habits and that is what the orthodontists at Harmony Orthodontics highlight too.

Even though there are a lot of problems that one can develop, we have decided to highlight only a few of them which will give you an idea about how problematic bad dental habits can turn out to be. We will now move on to look at the different dental problems that you might face so let us dive right into it.

Gum Disease

We understand that it is harder to floss and brush while having braces but it is extremely necessary to do so because if the food particles are not brushed out, they are going to build up and actually turn into plaque which will lead to not only gum disease but also teeth decay.

Worsen Soft Tissue Injuries

Braces can easily lead to soft tissue injuries which can easily be remedied by visiting an orthodontist but if your dental habits are on a decline then you can make the situation worse and the healing process would be at the slowest speed and would be painful.