Cosmetic And Plastic Surgeries – Which One is Which?

Before you clicked the link that brought you to this page, you were probably very sure that plastic surgery was just another word for cosmetic surgery. Well, news flash – it isn’t. There’s no shame in this though, a lot of people out there still think that they’re both one and the same and now you can consider yourself one of the enlightened few that know the difference between the two.

While they’re not the same, they’re not that different either; a lot of well-practised plastic surgeons also practise cosmetic surgery as part of their careers but this still doesn’t mean that the terms can be used interchangeably; they’re closely related specialties but they’re still different.

Both specialities involve touching up and improving the patient’s body but differences lie in their end goals. Here are the different goals that both specialties have.

Cosmetic Surgery Enhances Your Appearance

To put it briefly, cosmetic surgery is what you decide to get by yourself. This involves all body enhancement operations that will improve the aesthetics of your body (your proportion, symmetry and appeal). Some of the most widely performed cosmetic surgery procedures include breast enhancement for women, contouring of facial features, face lifts, Botox treatments and liposuction. To learn more about these procedures check out SCULPT™

Plastic Surgery Heals Bodily Defects

People who’ve had their bodies ruined in an accident or are born with visible defects get them repaired through plastic surgery. Burnt skin repair and the reconstruction of the breasts are some examples of plastic surgery. This practice is done to reconstruct the cosmetic features of the body instead of enhancing them for a better look. Plastic surgeons have the skills to perform cosmetic surgical procedures but if a doctor has only been trained in cosmetic surgery, they can’t perform plastic surgery