Choosing a Rice Cooker

A rice cooker is a very useful tool in any kitchen. This appliance is extremely versatile and can help you do a number of things aside from just cooking rice. You can use the rice cooker to make different types of rice, heat up vegetables or soup, and in the case of the Vitaclay VM7900-8 you can even make yogurt in it. Rice cookers can help you steam and slow cook food as well and it is something any person who cooks a lot will want to invest in. In this article we will be looking at a number of features that you could look for when choosing a rice cooker for yourself.

One of the main things you should look for is the material the rice cooker is made out of. Many older models of rice cookers have the issue of being made out of something that is both expensive and even a bit toxic. This includes things like aluminum or nonstick surfaces. You will ideally want something that is made out of ceramic or clay. This is one of the reasons the Vitaclay VM7900-8 is a great rice cooker; it is made entirely out of unglazed ceramic and that means that the food you will cook will not only be safe but also have all of its nutrients and enzymes intact after being cooked in ceramic.

You will also want to make sure that the size of the cooker suits your needs. A lot of people think that if they just buy the largest rice cooker then they will be set but that is often not the case. Unless you put in the proper amount of rice and water in the cooker, it will not work effectively. So get a size that you will regularly use to its full extent.