Benefits of Living in a Condo

You’ve probably heard people right and left go on about how great it can be to live in a condo but now’s the time for truths. If you’re really looking to move into a top notch 11 Yorkville condo unit, then it’s time we fill you in on some benefits of living in a condo that you could enjoy.

Condos aren’t for everyone but those who’re well suited to the condo lifestyle absolutely love living in their compact unit. Before we can dive into the benefits, let’s get one downside out of the way first; despite the fact that you own your condo unit, you still have to pay a certain fee for it, in addition to property taxes. Sounds like a bit of a bummer but there are benefits too.


If you work in the city, you’re going to want to live close to the city. Commuting to work can be a colossal waste of time and energy – just ask your colleagues who live in town. Save time and money by living in a high quality building like 11 Yorkville condo that’s close to where you work and to all that the city has to offer.


Unlike apartment buildings, condos have certain amenities that are exclusively available to members of the condo building. You may have cafes, pools and even gyms where you can chill with other community members. It really makes paying those fees worth it.


Since you’re living in a community area where everyone is playing a role in the good of the community, you can rest easy at night knowing that you and your belongings are safe at home. If anything were to happen, he whole community would be concerned.