Bat House Plans – Attracting Bats to Your Backyard

It is hard to meet any person nowadays who isn’t creeped out by the mere sight of a bat, as they have a negative perception about these creatures since childhood. In Ancient China bat is seen as an animal that brings good luck and they believe it can minimize all the surrounding bad omens of any certain event. Unlike other flying birds that don’t have problem living in areas with high number of human population, bats prefer habitats in remote areas. In order to attract them to deal with the pest issue, you first need to know about their characteristics and behavioral traits so that you have maximum chances of inhabiting large colonies in your bat boxes or kits.

Unlike the common perception that bats are blind or have weak eyesight, some species even have better vision capability than humans. So, you can’t simply miss out on the appearance factors that can greatly impact your probability of captivating more bats. Bat kits that are dark-colored have higher chances of being occupied during the winter season, because darker colors can absorb more amount of heat energy which is highly essential for a bat colony.

To provide a sustainable habitat for bats where they can constantly feed without a break, you might also want to grow flowers in the garden that bloom at night. This would be a crème de la crème for night-flying insects that are favorite diet choice for most species of bats. If you are looking for durable bat house kits that can hold up to 200 bats at a time, then make sure to purchase related products on the webpage of Bit Bat Box. Boxes that are supported by poles are highly preferred roosting grounds for bats in the area.